Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Revlon: Minted

My favourite colour without a doubt is mint green. It's so fresh and crisp but it's not often you can wear it as a beauty product. Mint green lips don't scream sexy, and eyes can look dull if it's not worn properly on the lids and framed with a thick black liner. So I got very excited when I saw that Revlon have brought out the exact shade in nail colour. A nice thick nail colour too, not gluggy but a nice chunky two-coater which doesn't chip or fade for a few days at least. I always stay true to my beloved Barry M, but until this has ran out, I won't be going back to that! (At least until the GORGEOUS new Peach Melba arrives! This shade is so hot for summer.)

I'm a messy nail painter!

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  1. Beautiful shade. I might look into getting this tomorrow! :)

    Sarah Betty xx


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