Thursday, 26 May 2011

Perfect Summer Party Feet

I am wearing Revlon 093 Tropical Temptation 

I have always neglected the one thing that had carried me around for menial tasks on a daily basis for 20 years, my feet. I have never looked after them as I should. I've put them through hours of heel hell and urine soaked festival grass, not to mention shards of glass outside a nightclub at 3am, (because there is a point in every girl's night out where she takes her shoes off.) I have disgraceful feet. I've never understood why people are so grossed out by feet, everyone has them and you should look after them!

It came to light recently that my mam has a 'neuroma' in her foot, which is a growth of nerve tissue right under the ball of her foot. It's agony for her and she rightfully complains about it. She's had to go for alcohol and steroid injections (cortisone) many times and it sounds downright uncomfortable. I decided from now on, it's time to take care of my toes, and I urge you to do the same!

Here are some little hints I've put together to help you sooth your soles for summer...

  1. A good layer of hard skin is something that your feet need to protect themselves, but too much can be sore and painful, so you should keep on top of it! One of my favourite products for this is the Soap & Glory Foot Buffer from Boots. It's got three buffers in one to deal with different levels of hardness. If you can find the time even once a week to just sit and buff the dead, hard skin from your feet you're already on your way to keeping them super soft.
  2.  If you exfoliate your feet regularly, you'll keep them super soft and it can get rid of unsightly dry skin. Everytime I exfoliate my body, I exfoliate my feet, but I always use different products. Foot scrubs are much more abrasive to deal with the thicker skin. I love this Leighton Denny Diamond Sole Mate Foot Scrub.
  3.  A great way to refresh and cool down your feet in summer is with a spray. This Elemis Tea Tree S.O.S spray is a natural antiseptic and smells light and fresh.
  4.  This may sound strange, but my friend swears by these. Stink Free Socks by Copalife kill bacteria on your feet so that they don't smell! Genius, and being one that suffers with embarrassingly stinky feet I'm very relieved to see a product that does actually work.
The best brand to stick to when it concerns your feet is Scholl. They've been caring for your tootsies since 1904 so as a brand they are more than expert. Three products which are must haves for your summer beauty box are Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream, Hard Skin Softening Cream and Party Feet Beauty Cream. I tried out each one and here are the results!

 This cream is so thick but absorbs almost instantly. The formula is scientifically proven to aid the body's natural recovery process by stimulating skin cell re-growth and building a natural scaffold to boost skin repair. The smell isn't too pleasant, but it does it's job and my heels feel considerably more soft after only 3 days.

 I used this product on the balls of my feet and I can say I've noticed a huge difference already after only a few applications. Again it's quite a thick cream but rubs in without much effort. It contains salicylic and lactic acid and offers reduces hard skin and callus in 7 days, I can see it going that way in fact!

This cream is amazing, the formula and scent are perfect! It contains almond oil which is is specially formulated for young skin, so your hard heel wearing feet can be revitalised! The panthenol in the cream acts as a highly effective moisturiser to support the regeneration of the skin. The scent is papaya which is a nice change from those minty foot creams you're used to. Use after a night on the town to feel perfectly pampered!

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