Thursday, 5 May 2011

Lady Gaga: Judas Credits

Gaga's done it again, creating the amount of hype about her new single comparable to a general election. In fact if we're going to get political, more people were talking about the Judas music video today than the vote on AV, I know this thanks to the highly reliable source of Twitter.
Although I have flaunted my love for her Ladyship more than enough times on here, this post is special.
About a month ago, my boyfriend Paddy Berry assisted the hugely talented Art Director Alun Davies, in creating some extravagant headpieces for the very video you see above you. This was held under wraps until the video's release, which means that I've succeeded in completing the most difficult task in history, keeping my mouth shut. Now I can shout it from the rooftops that my fella's talents have landed themselves onto the head of a scary looking biker guy in L.A. The helmets that you can see at the very beginning of the video on the biker guys, the ones with the gold metal halos around them, were crafted by Alun and his team. I have to admit to possessing a large amount of pride which I am lovingly bestowing upon my bloke for this.
On a separate note, have you seen the amount of bloody costume changes this lass goes through in the vid? I lost count, but I've got some screen shots of some of them. I don't have an exact credit list, but I'm pretty sure the styling for Judas was by the incredibly stylish Londoner, Anna Trevelyan. As usual, don't expect a Lanvin gown complete with court shoes and a modest length coat. Prepare for some seriously bizarre religious homage courtesy of Gaga's wardrobe department...

And by the way, Gaga's ass to waist ratio in this part is OFF THE SCALE. Loving it.

As soon as I know full credits, I will amend this post!


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