Saturday, 21 May 2011

Converse AW11

The press day season is almost complete bar a select few. I've had such fun attending as a blogger and it's surprising how much attention we are given. (Collectively speaking. I wonder what a collective noun for 'blogger' is...) I felt like a well respected member of the press, especially at the Converse AW11 preview party. I've always been an admirer of Converse, but nothing more. I never wanted anything more than a pair of Chuck Taylors' whilst I was growing up, but I ended up with cheap Shoe Zone copies for a fiver instead, cheers mam.
This time I got to see what Converse has in store for us all for Autumn/Winter, and you're in for a treat! (Especially hardcore Batman fans, but we'll go into that later...)

This collection is absolutely (I can't say marvellous for legal reasons!) fantastic. Converse have teamed up with DC comics for a Batman collaboration. There wasn't much information available on them, such as price or when they will be available to buy, but I think for now it's good enough to know that they actually exist. The styles include The Joker, The Riddler and Batman so I think it may have something to do with the new Dark Knight film, possibly. I hope I'm right!

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