Sunday, 1 May 2011

Bad Blogger

After my infuriating couple of hours in the Apple Store on Wednesday evening, my genius for the evening decided that he couldn't fix my MacBook, and that all the data that was on it had been deleted. I am hereby taking away his 'genius' title. No, really he was a lovely bloke, and he did everything he could, but I'm so upset by the fact that my laptop has been taken away from me, with hundreds of press day photos on it, that I can't blog about the things I had lined up. I'm currently using my boyfriend's instead, until I can afford a new hard drive! So I do apologise for the lack of posts, and I'll be up and running again as soon as I've taken lots of lovely new snaps on my camera for you! Here's my outfit from yesterday when we took a trip to Islington.

Vintage White & Purple Floral Headscarf, Topshop T-Shirt, H&M Cardigan, Vintage Gold Necklace, Vero Moda Camel Shorts, Topshop Bow Pumps In Nude.

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