Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Summer Naturals Make Up Tutorial by Emma Garbutt

As it’s coming up to summer I thought I’d show you how to protect your skin, look flawless and still have fun with your make up.  This is a simple, natural look that anyone can pull off, even beginners in make-up will be able to wear the look perfectly and look gorgeous all summer.
Start off with a completely clean face, starting with a dirty complexion will make your skin more spot prone. I use the new benefit skin care range ‘B.right’ it’s amazing and cleaned up the spots on my face in about three washes. To start off the look I use Benefit’s primer balm ‘Dr Feelgood’ it has vitamin C in it to smooth away the appearance of fine lines and makes the skin appear matte. 

Now you’re ready to start applying foundation, as its looking to be a hot summer this year you don’t want to pile on the liquid and have it melt away from your face the second you step into the sun, so i’m using Benefit’s Playsticks. They contain green tea and camomile to make the skin feel smooth and appear radiant whilst giving a full yet natural looking coverage. Just apply two lines to the cheeks, forehead and chin and one line to the nose and the temples and blend it all across the face making sure there is an even coverage.

I have quite a big problem with dark circles under my eyes because I’m always working so I’m always tired, to make my skin appear fresh and awake I dot a line of Benefit’s Erase Paste under my eyes and blend in to cover the circles. Erase paste is one of the best concealers around and specializes in dark circles so it’s the perfect product for me and anyone with similar skin issues.

Next I set my foundation with Benefit’s Hello Flawless power, it comes with two applicators, a pad for a more perfect coverage and a brush for a sheer coverage but I like to use my own M.A.C Kabuki brush just to set everything and to stop my makeup from smudging and coming off with the heat. The powder also has SPF 15 so is perfect for when the sun is shining and you really need the protection.

The next thing I do is apply Dior’s Lip Maximizer, the reason why I put the gloss on at this stage is because it is a collagen active gloss made for plumping. I find that if I apply it before finishing my makeup it gives it time for the collagen to work and plump my lips to my look will be complete when I am done. I like plumping glosses because my lips are quite thin to start with and I simply personally find full lips more attractive. If you don’t want to use a plumping gloss then I advise you wait until you have finished your make up and add a nude lip gloss.

I like a natural blush on my cheeks and the new Bella Bamba 3D blush by Benefit gives me the exact look I am after, I simply smile and swipe the blush onto the apples of my cheeks lightly, remember it is easier to start with as little as possible and to build it up than it is to tone it down after adding too much.

I have naturally long eyelashes so I don’t use a lot of mascara, otherwise it transfers onto my brow bone , I use DIORSHOW Extase and I apply by holding the applicator to my lashes and blinking into it, I find this is easier than applying it normally as there is more risk of transfer.  If you want to go for a natural look don’t apply a lot of mascara as this can make your lashes look false.

Finally to finish off the look I am going to fill in my eyebrows using Benefits Browzings, it comes with two different sides the powder and the balm, I use the powder and I simply go over my brows as I don’t find I need to add much shape for this look.

That’s it! my makeup tip for spring/summer is that less really is more for every day, don’t cake yourself in makeup as you will only ruin your skin. Make sure you’re protected and make sure you remove the makeup properly at the end of the day as the heat will make your skin more likely to clog.
Words by Emma Garbutt

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