Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Rachael Ruddick

A definitive moment for me during the first round of press days was Rachael Ruddick's AW11 Collection, aptly named 'The High Life'. I remember combing the animal hairs with my fingers and stroking leather bags which I could see suiting my current wardrobe perfectly. Each bag was seemingly designed with utmost attention as the small details are really what got my heart racing. I do love a good bag, and I never appreciated how much they can make an outfit look more expensive until recently. I met a girl at fashion week whose entire ensemble was from Primark and Peacocks, but her ChloƩ Paddington set it all off as if it was a head-to-toe Dolce window mannequin. Another note is that these photos don't do the animal hair quality any justice, it's so soft and beautiful condition, it would definitely take some wear. My favourite clutch on offer was the 'Opera' clutch made from stingray with pearl crowns. The material is so incredibly shiny, and the bubbles of black stingray add a wonderful tactile element.
The jewellery that Rachael Ruddick offers is extremely unique. Banded leather cuffs which are a signature of the brand, each adorned with a gold, silver or metal ball fastening. This season's cuffs to go alongside the collection are animal hair and green and gold snakeskin. Rings are in the form of pyramid studs and earrings as 'crocodile drops'.

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