Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Prism Swimwear Spring/Summer 2011

For the summer season, sunglasses brand Prism have expanded into the depths of swimwear. Their usual collection of eyewear for the summer season is accompanied by five styles of bikini top and four bottoms, inspired by the late Hollywood and glamorous, feminine shapes from the 50s and 60s. Made in Italy, the womenswear styles take great influence from underwear to create the seamless silhouette to enhance any body type. The 'Hossegor' bandeau top has invisible underwiring and the 'Chateau' swimsuit has graduated padded cups for extra hidden support.
The clever little thing with the collection is that every style is named after the holiday destination that the design came from. Positano, Venice Beach, Puerto Viejo and Montauk are just some of the inspirational places this swimwear collection came from.
The collection comes in five colours: nude, ice grey, khaki, powder blue and black, and is designed so that you can mix and match the styles without them looking too, well, mix and matched. The washed out colours are perfect if you want to keep that sexy look without being too vibrant and shouting about it. This idea is also perfect for those women who have to buy different sized tops to bottoms. Voila.
The sunglasses are nothing short of spectacular, I've always been a lover of Prism, from their shades to the quirky 'geek' glasses. Colours match the swimwear range indefinitely, so you can complete the full summer poolside look. My personal favourites are the mirrored lenses, they give you a glimpse of how celebrities see the world! All swimwear also comes with a beach pouch, which you can use to keep your Prism sunnies in!

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