Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A New Ritual: Lip Balm

'The Rituals philosophy is simple: happiness can be found in the smallest of things.'
This quote can be found on the Rituals website, where today I discovered the amount of meaningful thought that is put into creating their products. I've never used Rituals before now, but it's one of those iconic cult brands with a huge international following, and I'm now one of the loyal followers. The product I was given was a 'nourishing lip balm', as my lips are still desperately recovering from those cold winter months. Within days of using the product, I have no chap, flaking or soreness, and after a week, I'm still addicted to it's glossy shine and fresh fragrance. The nourishing lip balm provides an SPF 10, which means I can use it when the sun in shining. I won't have to worry about it damaging my smackers and bringing me back into chapped mode. It's made with organic Shea butter and natural vitamin E, it's even preservative free.

Rituals supports ‘Proefdiervrij’, the Dutch Society for Replacement of Animal Testing and the entire range is suitable for vegetarians.
Rituals is all about turning your boring daily beauty regimes into something of an experience; a ritual. 'It is our passion to transform your everyday routines into meaningful rituals. Just taking the time to enjoy simple things like a warm bath, a cup of tea or a relaxing massage can transform them into meaningful experiences.' A philosophy so warm and comforting, that it reminded me that I don't give enough time and care to my body. From now on I vow to lovingly pamper myself whenever I am given the time, with my new favourite brand. I can't wait to explore what else they have to offer.

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