Tuesday, 19 April 2011

My Latest Fixation

The bane of my life is my blocked tear ducts, I don't really know exactly what that means but all I see of it is my eyes literally streaming at random intervals during the day. Blotting my cheeks on the tube with a Pret a Manger napkin is not hot, neither are my the black tiger stripes from mascara running down my face. I've always had to carry round bundles of tissue or cotton buds that just smears it round my face. Beauty Fixation have come to my aid, and even if you don't suffer from my bizarre 'illness' you'll still find these little sticks so helpful.

Beauty Fixation, from the people who brought you the wonderful Japonesque brand, aim to ease the stress of maintaining a perfect look from day to night. These magic sticks are pre-filled with different formulas, so all you have to do is simply snap the end and the formula runs into the cotton, meaning you can get on with perfecting your look. There are five different versions to try out, but my favourite is the make-up remover for my troublesome tears:

  • Makeup Remover/Touch-up – Perfect for precise touch-ups at home or on the go, this swab quickly removes or corrects all types of makeup, leaving you with a flawless look. 
  • Tinted Lip Conditioner – Deeply moisturizes and protects dry lips while giving a natural tint. It shields lips from daily exposure to the environment and will keep lips supple and lipstick-ready all day long.
  • Lipstick Touch-up – Quickly removes or corrects all types of lipstick and lip gloss while moisturizing the lip's surface. Perfect for quick touch-ups that will leave you with picture perfect, kissable lips every time.
  • Nail Polish Touch-up – Great for after a nail salon visit or and at-home manicure, this non-acetone nail polish corrector is perfect for precise corrections.  
  • Cuticle Conditioner – Washing your hands is great for staying healthy but rough on your cuticles. This conditioner will instantly soften dry, hardened cuticles with Aloe Vera leaving them smooth, soft and healthy looking.

    Beauty Fixation will be available in Boots stores nationwide from April at £4.95 for 24 pre-filled portable swabs.

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