Saturday, 16 April 2011

Annabelle's Wigs Launch

As we told the man in the London Cab to drive us to ‘Madame JoJos’ in Soho, and saw his expression, we knew we were in for an interesting experience! His advice to us? ‘Be open minded. Very open minded.’ Unsurprisingly, our attempts to convince him we were just attending a press launch fell on deaf ears, too.

We arrived inside the venue and were greeted with champagne and strawberries, instantly, we noticed a wide range of beautiful, shiny hair pieces and wigs decorating the majority of heads in the venue. Ranging from beautiful, natural shining brunettes, to baby pink wigs. We couldn’t wait to try some on!

As we sat down waiting for the Burlesque show to start, we noticed wigs were adorning mannequin heads on the tables, and so we couldn’t help but try them on! We wanted to see what we’d look like blonde, brunette, redhead, and even with pink locks! It got me thinking how amazing it would be to own a variety of wigs, and be able to just change your hair to suit your mood, or for nights out to co-ordinate with your outfit!

The Burlesque show was very kitsch and cheeky. It seemed a really fun way of showing off the wigs to their full potential, and a great way of promoting Annabelle's identity.

Throughout the event stylists were working on attaching the various hair pieces, clip in fringes, and styling wigs to suit different face shapes to create a variation of looks. It was exciting to see people being completely transformed through their hair!

At first, I’ll admit I was a bit sceptical on the idea of wigs, as I was worried they’d look a bit tacky. However, the launch completely changed my view! They’re such a fun way of refreshing your look, whether just for the night or a couple of days, and it’s a much easier way of experimenting with colours and cuts. I’ve officially been converted!

Words and images by Louise Thomas.

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