Friday, 11 March 2011

Trend Spot: Dip Dyed Hair

 The Shoreditch gals jumped on it over a year ago, and now the dip dye trend is moving onto the catwalks. Dry ends have never looked so good.

Dip dyeing is where you bleach the ends of your hair and dye them a wacky shade, the colours that seem to be on trend are pink, turquoise and blue. All you need is a packet of bleach, the colour of your choice and hair longer than your shoulders. I haven't yet seen a dip dye done on short hair and manage to look good, so if you know somebody or have it yourself, please feel free to prove me wrong!
I can't get enough of this trend, but sadly I'm burdened with my chocolate bob, so as I've been drooling over these images, I feel I should share them with you.





All images from Tumblr when searching 'dip dye'.



    Short dip dyed hair. :)

  2. i had purple and blue dip dyed hair when i was 15, loved it it looked like i had feathers in my hair.

  3. i have LIGHT blonde hair, would I still need to bleach my hair? (My mom won't let me bleach my hair because not many people have my color naturally)

  4. Washing and conditioning your hair twenty four hours after you have applied the hair color is a good idea. Wait for five minutes before rinsing off the conditioner. The only way to retain the texture of your hair is to do this every time you put a color on it.


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