Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Rumour City

So I can't upload photos now, please do thank Sky for all of their help with my pitiful internet connection for me. I hope you're in a reading mood.

Super-crazy-looney-week Paris Fashion Week is almost over now, and the industry's rife with rumour. After the Galliano 'scandal' settled down, we then heard he had headed over to rehab. What kind of rehab they give to freshly hailed antisemite, I do not know. But I did just find something very odd out, I Googled the words 'Anti-Semetic', and thanks to Google's autocomplete, the first word for our beloved search engine to suggest after this phrase was 'jokes'. Once I hit enter 'Anti-Semetic jokes' conjures up 'About 488,000 results'. Now I know there's anything and (worryingly) everything on the internet these days, but almost half a million results on jokes about Jews? Somehow to me, this makes Galliano shine a little more into the light. I mean, I feel sorry for the guy in the way that he's talented and he's totally knackered his career up for the sake of opening his mouth, but you just can't excuse behaviour like that these days. The Jewish people do get a hard time, they get mocked, there's jokes about them and there's this seemingly random prejudice which even people my age feel, when they probably never even met a Jew. But there's also a lot of people who are quick to say how disgusted they are at what John Galliano did, when they don't completely understand the nature of his remarks. These people probably don't even think what he did was that bad, but are to afraid to say it because everyone tries so hard to appear overly politically correct.
Once you're in the public eye you're coherently screwed. If you do find yourself fitting into what I like to call the 'sick puppy' category, make as many jokes about Jews and race as you like in your own time, but whatever you do, don't get so drunk in a Parisian café that you forget someone's filming you saying them.

The next rumour to hit the front page of the Sunday Times last weekend, was yet another royal wedding whisper. The Times completely ignored the statements sent from the house of McQueen, and went with the story that Sarah Burton herself would be designing the dress for Kate and Will's big day. Despite including the quotes from Jonathon Akeroyd, CEO at Alexander McQueen "No, not at all." and Sarah Burton saying "I'm not doing it. It's just a stupid story. Next week it will be someone else – Bruce Oldfield, Stella McCartney. It's silly." the article was adamant that it was true. Of course, the house would be sworn to secrecy if it were true, so there is hope yet. The McQueen show in Paris earlier this evening fuelled the rumour further, with a show inspired by a magical 'ice queen' showcasing Burton's master craftsmanship in the form of many a wedding gown, some might say, fit for a Princess? Only time will tell...

It has been revealed tonight via the highly reliable source of Twitter, that Riccardo Tisci is to take the helm at Dior. Derek Blasberg, editor at Harpers Bazaar tweeted "I was just told backstage at the @KatyPerry concert (of all places!) that Riccardo Tisci is CONFIRMED at Dior," which has shattered the rumour mill surrounding Alber Elbaz of Lanvin. (I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that he won't be leaving then...Fingers crossed.) If this is true, what does the future hold for Givenchy? Will Haider Ackermann move up that ladder next? And what's all this talk of Stefano Pilati from YSL? All I know is, this chopping and changing is giving me some great lessons in who's who of the creative director world.

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