Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dare To Be Bold?

This season's biggest trend has got me at gunpoint. I've always been a 'black and white' kinda girl, wearing classic pieces in muted colours; I never thought I'd stray into such depths of the colour spectrum. Lately I find myself gawking at Department store windows and staring that extra second longer at eye popping neons in magazines. This change of heart all started with a Zara blazer, I blame you single-breasted beauty. Here is the culprit:

After some careful deliberation with my bank account, I decided that I couldn't afford it. (Although don't get me wrong it's worth every penny, I've tried it on. Twice.) But this is what sparked my interest in colour for this season.
It's everywhere, and although fashion always embraces colour for Spring, I can't think of a time it's been done to this extent before. Seeing as though I've been practising for months now, I thought I would share my thoughts and ideas about how to bring these brights to life. Not everyone can wear such vibrant colour quite so easily as it looks in the mags, and if you're like I was, mainly sticking to what you know, it can be quite daunting. I've put together some examples below of how to perfectly colour block your outfits and how to co-ordinate, whilst avoiding looking like an explosion in the Crayola factory.

Try working with simple colour blocking. Separate an all black outfit with one popping colour piece such as a jacket, t-shirt or skirt, à la Proenza Schouler.

Work your accessories into the trend. These bags and scarves are perfect for brightening up for Spring. From left to right: Jimmy Choo clutch, Burberry scarf & Marc Jacobs bag.

If you want to make a statement whilst remaining minimalist, try pairing a bright dress with a contrasting vibrant shade. Look at these combinations for inspiration:

Dress by Marios for Topshop, bag by DKNY.

Dress by Chelsea Girl at River Island, Large Croc Bag by Nancy Gonzalez

Dress from ASOS, bag by Vintage River Island at ASOS

Colour Blocking?
 If you fancy following the trend down this path you have two options, the easy way or the hard way.
Here are some examples of the trend out there:

Colour blocking can be difficult as most people struggle with what colours to use together, the truth is there are no rules. Of course some colours do look better together than others, but part of the fun in fashion is experimenting with clothing and colour. So spend some time putting your favourite pieces together, mixing and matching, and you never know what you might come up with.
The easy way to colour block is to buy one already done for you. There are thousands of dresses, skirts and jackets out there with colour blocked panels just screaming to be on the back of some trendy young fashionista. Here are a few of my favourites:

Both dresses by Asos. 

Dress by ASOS, cardigan by Topshop.

All Out Rainbow Madness?
If you're really brave (and confident enough,) you can rock Crayola-factory-explosion-chic. A perfect example of this comes from prop and accessory designer Fred Butler. Fred is adventurous and exciting in her style, wearing every hue from the colour spectrum. There's never a dull moment on the street when Fred's around. Her style is so unique, and just so you know, Fred was rocking 'brights' way before they hit any runway!
Above image courtesy of Dazed & Confused.

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