Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Abbey Lee Kershaw for Versace

Versace Atelier has never been and will never be low key. Spring 2011 is certainly no exception, with their lookbook promising to be as glamorous and luxe as ever. Versace chose model of the moment, Abbey Lee Kershaw to showcase their gowns in a 32 page lookbook for the upcoming season.
Kershaw looks even more stunning than usual sporting a white-blonde bob instead of her long, enviable surfer-girl locks. I strongly believe that it's wig, but if she ever did choose to get the chop, it wouldn't be the most disastrous thing in the world, she looks incredible.
The gowns are, well, nothing less than what you would expect from Versace Atelier. They're big, they're long and they're colourful. The crystals embellishing them sparkle like the stars, with faultless detailing and impeccable draping. Colours surge into the rainbow-brights trend with royal blue, carnation pink and emerald green as some of the most notable.
I can't stop staring at the tiniest details in these dresses, they are indeed works of art. Of course, what else is an Atelier house for?

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