Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Topshop Spring Summer Make Up Launch

Mannequin was lovingly invited to the launch of Topshop Make Up's Spring Summer collection earlier this week. I went along with our freshly picked Beauty Editor Emma, for a spot of playing dress up and cocktail sipping.
The stunning location of the soiree took place in the penthouse of the luxury Sanderson Hotel in London, a perfect pick for the collection. Draping voiles and soft amber lighting set the mood for the atmospheric 'Sandstorm' collection.
The collection was composed in two parts, 'Core' and 'Trend'. Core was the base for the collection, with additions to the previous lines and the trend collection was the enticing 'Sandstorm' concept.

My favourites from the Core collection, were a selection of four blushes, two cream and two powder. The shades were just as the clothing collections go this summer, bright! None would look out of place when the sunshine decides to make an appearance. A stunning array of nail colour was on offer too, from cool colbalt blue to peachy coral. It's surprisingly durable too, I don't usually step away from my beloved Barry M nail colour, but the Topshop version is now a follow up favourite. I'm not sure what shade this is, but it came in the goodie bag and is a lovely shade of pinky berry. (I'll edit this when I find out! Ugh, my hair needs a cut.)

We then moved on to the Sandstorm collection, displayed in a most beautiful fashion. There was a high glass pillar filed with different coloured sands, on top of which the collection sat mightily. The first thing I noticed is that the packaging is different, it's gold and metallic. I spoke with Lizzie Dawson, the designer of the collection, who told me about the inspiration behind the collection: "It's all based around the Burning Man festival, it's somewhere I've always wanted to go. I'm really inspired by how free it is, Burning Man is the ultimate festival, so it's kind of based all around that."
You can see Lizzie's inspiration a mile off, and quite easily imagine the burning sand dunes and a glowing sunset she had in mind when designing the collection.
Lizzie confessed that her favourite item from the collection is the eyeshadows, where she tried to create a metallic effect in a soft mousse, along with two powder versions. She'd created just that, in one sweep my eyes were instantly darker and shimmering, and you only needed to dab the end of your finger.
The gloss sticks for your lips were equally brilliant, again in coral and berry shades, they were super shiny and resistant to the wine glass I so tightly held onto all night!
There was a selection of liners, two shades in liquid and two in a metallic wind-up kohl pencil. The liquid liners are supposed to be semi permanent, but we didn't get to test this theory! They did take some scrubbing off of my hand though...

The campaign for the new trend was shot by Topshop favourite, Josh Olins, featuring model of the moment Ashley Smith in two completely contrasting shots. One clean, waxy beauty shot, and another tussled and festival chic Smith, both totally worked for me though.

Event models were wandering around in all their 6ft glory, head to toe in Topshop, including their make-up of course! They all looked super gorgeous, so I had to snap them, but alas, my photography skills aren't quite yet Josh Olins.

In the corner we spied a group of fashionistas getting their nails done, one of the nail artists was performing a demonstration on how to marble your nails, it was surprisingly simple! All he had was a bowl of water, nail polishes and some cotton pads with remover! I'm going to have a go myself later this week, and post a video for you all to see, it looked so bright and unique that I have to try it.

Above is me with Topshop blouse designer and creator of the make-up collection, Lizzie Dawson. She's so inspiring to speak to, and she even designed the blouse I was wearing, which was a pretty amazing moment for me!
Emma got camera happy by the end of the night, so here's a few posers for you to enjoy!

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