Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sheer Luck

I’m here on a sort of campaign I guess, a campaign to get a seemingly unconventional trend the appreciation (and wear) they so wholly deserve.
Back in spring/summer 2010 a handful of designers took the ever growing sheer movement to a higher level, and took it to trousers. Most recognised were those of the moment, Alexander Wang with his overkilled all-american sportswear vibe. Amongst those raglan cut jumpers, those corset laced leather shorts and that pair of wedged loafers, hid a pair of fine weightless trousers, barely there yes, but they juxtaposed the feelings of the highest of sleek grandeur drapery against Wang’s tough boyfriend borrowing muse. In an essence, they were fucking marvelous. Beside Wang were Celine, Valentino and Charles Anastase.
Despite their efforts, only a select few bloggers of the world made the leap and come the colder months of 2010, all was forgotten.

Fear not my friend, dark lord Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy has come back this spring/summer 2011 to spearhead the battle for the ethereal beauties a year on and sent his tribe out clad in sheer trousers in his well known Gothicised palette of black and white. Amongst the basic monotones, he took one of the key elements of the collection, leopard print, and stripped it bare of it’s traditional cinnamon and bisque tones and instead injected either dashes of dark or light markings amongst the see through fabric. With the first few looks featuring slim lined cigarette cuts they gradually made there way to more diaphanous billows of generous wide legged silhouettes.
Whilst personally favouring Tisci, it’d be unfair not to mention a few other designers making possible headway with the trend.
London boy Richard Nicoll featured two pairs of wide legged chiffon trousers in opposing black and white, layered over fishnet tights and left unhemmed. Back in Paris, Cerruti opened their S/S show with a top heavy camel ensemble which could have been another camel yawn, but not paired with the most luxe looking of sheer trousers to balance it out.

I cannot crusade this mission alone and fearing there may be a slight gender issue on my half, I need you to buff up your pins, chuck on a pair of cycling shorts or under garment of choice and slide into the sheer trouser.

Words by Stevie Hockaday

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