Saturday, 5 February 2011

Shavata Eyebrows

 Lots of you guys ask me how I do my eyebrows, by 'do' I mean painstakingly pencil them in every day. I feel naked without drawing my eyebrows on, it's mainly because they practically stop when they reach the arch in my brow bone, due to some intensive over-plucking in my teenage years.
This is what they look like without any grooming whatsoever...

Firstly, I use these Shavata Tweezers to eliminate any stray hairs around the usual shape I have. They're slanted too, which is literally the ONLY kind of tweezer I can use. The Shavata tweezers are SO sharp and precise, the Goddess of the plucking world! I own about 50 pairs of tweezers from over the years, all of different shapes and sizes, but I'll stick with Shavata. The brand itself has 'Brow Studios' in Harrods and Harvey Nichols' in the UK, where you can get to grips with plucking and threading techniques to learn how to frame your eyes perfectly.

I always used to use a pencil to shade my eyebrows in, this was before I was sent this amazing Shavata Brow Perfector kit. It has three different shades so you can match it to your hair colour, it's great for everyone though, because some blondes I know like to darken their eyebrows to an almost black shade for a dramatic look. It's a waxy texture which is much better than a pencil, which sort of stays where you put it, you've got much more freedom with a brush and a wax. 

This is how pointy and precise the brush that comes with the kit is, it allows you to create the shape in one swift sweep and then to add in the details. 

I line the brow brush up with the start of my natural eyebrow line and work in small strokes until I reach the highest point of my brow. 

I then turn the brush sideways so that the smallest bristles are the ones touching my face, I brush sideways in one stroke to create a perfectly flat line that compliments my natural brow shape.

After I've created the shape I want, I use the Shavata Double Ended Pencil. Again it has two shades so that you can match it exactly to your hair colour, this reflects your Eyebrow Perfector kit too, with the same shades.

So I use the pencil just to tidy up the brows, I box off the start of my brow in a very sharp and angular way, you may wish to make a more rounded shape, which is also ideal for the pencil to work it's magic.You can also tidy up the ends to make sure there's no gaps or streaks.

So that's what I have to go through every morning! It doesn't take long when you're used to it, but to start with it will take you about 10-15 minutes to create this look. You can experiment with different brow shapes and angles depending on what mood you're in too. This is probably how my eyebrows look 90% of the time, but I do play around with different looks from time to time.

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