Friday, 7 January 2011

Snake Eyes: Topshop Spring 2011

After being teased by a frontal image on their website, Topshop have today launched their Spring Lookbook in the UK, (despite it already being leaked the the Americans, so some of you may have already had a peek!)

The trend which caught my eye is the 'Snake Valley' collection. The kick flare has made an apparent comeback in vivid brights, with an abundance of fringing and heavy print clashing. Of course this collection would not be complete without the snake print itself, which appears in the form of cube heeled boots and shoes, tight leather look trousers and even shorts and jewellery, the snake print is going to be a staple piece of wardrobe in Spring 2011.

Another trend in the Lookbook was the apparent return of 'prep'. American Schoolgirl chic returns in the form of Topshop's 'Graduation' collection. This Spring it will be transformed by the invasion of midi skirts and heavily block wedged shoes. Still, all of the traditional elements are there, the cardigan, but with a lighter knitted twist for spring. Pastel colours are in their minority, pairing up with brights and darker tones for a different twist on Spring (for once!) Though the camel shade is still creeping through from AW10. Lots of shirts in all their cap-sleeved glory appear in this story and also our beloved high waisted shorts. But all of this wouldn't be complete without a jock jacket or two.

Striking minimalism takes hold in New Age Constellation. With white as a canvas for the collection, blocks of vibrant colour from the season streak through and almost create a 'sprayed on' effect on some of the garments. Angular cuts and futuristic shapes in shirts, dresses and skirts follow on from many trends seen at SS11 shows last year. Floating, ethereal fabrics give this collection a softer image instead of the hard one usually associated with futuristic fashion. We're also loving socks and sandals for this one!

The Swedish Summer collection is a collection regressing back to the days when vintage shops were proper vintage shops, not just selling the usual 90's crap they so lovingly stock their shelves with these days. Fortunately we're going to be buying it all from Topshop this year instead. This 70's inspired milk maid look won't catch on straight away, as people are often afraid of crochet, floral print and dungarees, but it will see the fashion forward of us stepping up to the mark and making it 'okay' for the rest of them.
Floral headbands and hair accessories are a must, along with those 'John Lennon' style sunglasses. Grab yourself a pair of cube heeled shoes as these will carry you through all trends this Spring (and Summer.) The tiny bags are a little bit impractical but what do you really need to carry around with you in Spring other than your lipstick? Embrace the tree hugger within this season.

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