Thursday, 27 January 2011

Miu Miu: The Powder Room

Miu Miu have collaborated with an array of talented female film-makers to give us a series of short films laced with their Spring 2011 collection.
The first (above) is called 'The Powder Room' and presents the charming, fiery haired Audrey Marnay head-to-toe in Miu Miu's silky new collection.
The film is set in London's exclusive, grand hotel Claridges, (of course, the toilets in Wetherspoons certainly don't look like that.) Other models in the film are Caroline de Maigret, Line Gost and Sophie Vlaming.
Director Zoe Cassavetes describes the story behind the film. 'I love the idea of a powder room, the ritual which takes place within them is very important for women. There’s something special about preparing yourself, a moment before the action takes place. I love the sense of intimacy. It’s a place away from men, where you can check out other women, and re-glamourise yourself ready to face the world again.’
We have no wonder why Miuccia chose Zoe to direct this film, her values seem very 'Prada', don't you think?
The best part of the film has to be the wistful close-ups alongside the spine tingling soundtrack. It makes you wonder what the girls are thinking, and I think every soul that watches this film will make up some silent dialogue in their head.
For now though, I can only dream of using such 'powder rooms', perhaps one day...

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