Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Love Bakery London

I've always had a strange relationship with food. Especially food covered in glitter with sugar flowers on top. I kind of feel guilty for eating it and ruining all the hard work, but if it tastes as good as it looks, and it often does, then it's fine by me.

A weekend in London was all it took to spark my bakery fetish. With vanilla scents wafting into my conciousness on every street I took it upon myself to investigate, as every great journalist should.
I found the Love Bakery tucked away at the bottom of Kings Road in Chelsea, (and what a walk, but so worth it.) A vibrantly painted shop front greeted me, with cakes galore smiling and beckoning me to enter. The premises itself is only small, but it doesn't need to be any larger. It's perfectly cute and makes you want to make one of those 'squee' noises. Decorated with pink and mint green walls and photographs stuck to them for a delicate personal touch, you really feel like part of the family at Love Bakery.
There are many great bakeries in London, of course the most famous has to be the Hummingbird Bakery which has even made headlines over the years. Personally, I've never tried a Hummingbird cupcake (though it's on my to-do list!) so my opinion is completely biased towards the Love Bakery in which I make a special trip to every time I visit London.
The image above was the vanilla cupcake, which was so effortlessly beautiful for a cake. It tasted so light and fluffy and the frosting was a perfect compliment alongside it. It had that real 'Grandma's home baking' feel to it, a real eggy and sugary taste to it.
My boyfriend was more adventurous than I though, he bought an Oreo cupcake and an Earl Grey one, which I'm glad he did, because when we got home I tried both and they were equally, if not more, delicious! The Earl Grey cupcake is a genius idea. Especially for us Yorkshire folk who never say no to anything tea-related. It wasn't overpowering, just a subtle hint of tea to make me feel right at home in the centre of London!
I don't care if I've put on 6lb this weekend, take a trip to the Love Bakery and indulge yourself with baked delights.

Vanilla, Lemon & Earl Grey ^


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