Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2011

Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2011

The atmosphere at this years Chanel Couture show has been described as 'magical' by most critics. Twinkling tweed jackets, crystallised sweatshirts and gleaming beading and embellishment from every direction, this collection is truly one of fairy tales.

Lagerfeld gave an innovative and relaxing new image to Chanel, with one of the first notabilities being the footwear. All of the models were wearing flats, and some in casually tailored pants and leggings. Karl said "The proportion is new. It must be flat."
But by no means were the clothes any less extravagant, even the smallest details were accounted for. Collars, cuffs and cuts were all so blissfully babysat by the atelier house workers. "Some of these tops have 400,000 pearls and crystals. Can you imagine? I couldn't do it for five minutes." Karl admitted.

The palette at Chanel was too, in tune with the fairy tale music. Dusty greys, pale peaches and ivory set the mood for the accompanying noir to sweep in at regular intervals.

Classic Chanel jacket tailoring was on offer with the double breasted jackets, and the three quarter length sleeves, alongside some impromptu shapes in dresses and skirts.

The gowns eventually made their way onto the runway, in a frumpy Cinderella type manner. The shapes were not so flattering, but beautifully crafted and statement making. Pom-poms and layers of light, fluffy tulle followed lacing sleeves and skirt hems.

The skirts got bigger, and so did the names. Models of the moment Abbey-Lee Kershaw, Frida Gustavsson and Magdalena Frackowiak all walked in this runway show alongside the surprise face of Stella Tennant, the Scottish, Aristocracy member model in her fourties, who opened the show for Lagerfeld.

See Hilary Alexander's interview with Karl Lagerfeld prior to the show, it's really insightful into his visionary world.

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