Monday, 6 December 2010

STEAMCREAM: Miracle Moisturiser (No really.)

STEAMCREAM is quite possibly the best moisturiser I have ever used, to put it bluntly. Right, now we've got to the point, here's why it's so great.
STEAMCREAM uses a steaming process in the making of it's cream that defies most other traditional methods. The intensity of this process means that the ingredients can rapidly emulsify and blend together so smoothly, that you are left with this light and glossy moisturising cream.
One of the best things about STEAMCREAM is how quickly it sinks into your skin. The moisturisers I usually use stay on top of your skin, and are so heavy that you end up looking shiny and feeling sticky. Most definitely not a good look. STEAMCREAM soaks into your skin and you are left with a youthful dewy glow and a fabulous herbal scent on your face!
STEAMCREAM do not test on animals, nor do they use ingredients from companies that do. They are also a vegan product! So everyone can enjoy it.
You can use STEAMCREAM on your face and body, and I've noticed it works particularly well as a heel and elbow balm. I always carry a tin around with me as a hand cream too, especially when I'm on the go.
STEAMCREAM has the loveliest, most endearing packaging I've ever seen on a moisturiser. It makes you want to collect all of the designs, and there's plenty of them! Here's just my favourite selection of tin designs:

I'm clearly totally obsessed as I couldn't pick just a few favourites, instead I chose 12. Even the 12 above were hard to choose as the rest of the tin designs on the site are just as delectable.
The cream itself is by no means a 'cheap' alternative to luxury cosmetics on the market, as you may think with it's tiny price tag of £10. It's even better than some face creams I've used which are ten times that price. It also comes in a 75g tin, which has lasted me a month so far and I'm not even half way down.
The ingredients in STEAMCREAM speak for themselves, but here's a quick run down of what each one does for your skin:
  • Oatmeal Infusion-  Anti-inflammatory that helps soothe and moisturise skin.
  • Orange Flower Water- Helps to improve elasticity in the skin, especially on the face or hands.
  • Almond Oil- Contains lots of vitamin E, which conditions the skin and helps keep it plump.
  • Lavender Oil- Contains antiseptic components, which can help heal and reduce inflamed and sore skin.
  • Organic Jojoba Oil- Helps produce an easily-absorbed cream and is an excellent  skin softener.
  • Cocoa Butter- Seals in the essential oils and softens the skins surface.
Here's the STEAMCREAM site so you can go and get one for yourselves! What a better idea for a stocking filler this Xmas?

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